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A Wonderful Life

Fireside Theatre, Ft. Atkinson, WI

George Bailey

"David Sajewich, recently seen as Chad in Fireside's production of All Shook Up, is an endearing George Bailey. He connects genuinely with the cast members around him. His candor in the iconic role brings the classic character to life without attempting to mimic the original George - James Stewart. Sajewich sets the pace for the show with his short opening number "George's Prayer" which reveals George's vulnerability from the get go."

Amanda Finn

Broadway World

"When I first saw the actor playing the part of George Bailey, I thought he looked familiar, and sure enough, I discovered he had played the parodied Elvis Presley in “All Shook Up” earlier this year. That man has range. David Sajewich was believable in these disparate roles."Julie McHaleGMToday