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All Shook Up

Theatre at the Center, Munster, IN


"Actor David Sajewich gives Elvis his due, and then some, starring as the... black leather jacket adorned musical Adonis, Chad... captured so ideally by Sajewich with his comic timing, velvety voice and bravado."

 "Sajewich is very funny in the role, ever so naturally delivering spot on physical comedy and one hilarious line after another. He also sings several Elvis classics with a good deal of enthusiasm..."

"David Sajewich shines as the roustabout Chad who rides into town to shake things up. Smitten girl-mechanic Natalie, played by the talented Callie Johnson, is the female lead. Together again following last year’s tour of the forgettable Evil Dead: the Musical, Sajewich and Johnson’s terrific voices and splendid dance moves lead this production."

"Chad (deftly handled by David Sajewich, who creates his own persona, not imitating Elvis in any way)."

"When the actors were on stage, they appeared present and in the moment pouring their hearts out into what appeared to be complex and detailed dancing, especially David Sajewich, who played Chad and had the moves of Elvis down solid."