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Evil Dead the Musical

North American Tour, Starvox Entertainment


"David Sajewich is a sterling matinee idol lead. Possessed of a mega-watt smile, showstopping biceps, and glorious wide-ranging vocals, he cuts his way into the audience's heart, and nether regions, with the same effectiveness as he wields a chainsaw. He is a serious action hero with goofy nerd roots and his sole wink to the audience is his obvious disdain for all musical numbers except his own. His poker-faced innocence makes his clueless sexual references all the funnier, and his overwrought emotional moments believable while still comic."

Drew Rowsome

My Gay Toronto

 "Leading the cast was the charming David Sajewich as Ash, the fearless leader of the group, who strutted around the stage battling zombies and an evil stuffed moose. With an impressive vocal range, Sajewich was able to close the gap when his microphone sporadically flipped on or off."

Amanda Finn

Broadway World Madison

"Mr. Sajewich brings Bruce Campbell’s attitude and perfect comedic timing to the production.  At one point in the story our hero must deal with his hand which has turned evil, so it must be treated a separate entity who is out to kill him.  I almost fell out of my chair watching the dichotomy."

Laura Jordan

Austin Entertainment Weekly

"[Ash's] lines are over emphasized to perfection by David Sajewich. Bruce Campbell the ‘B’ movie deity of chins, could not have done a finer job, had he chosen to reprise his famous roll."

Dave McQuire

Showbiz Chicago

"David Sajewich shone in the physical role of Ash.  His ability to one arm while singing “I’m Not A Killer” amazed the audience.  Additionally, Sajewich’s ability to convey fear, agitation, and insanity while sounding magnificent should not be overlooked."

Carl B.


"The aforementioned top-notch cast stars David Sajewich as the macho hero, Ash (so impressive in a number of other past Chicago productions). The man can sing, has ruggedly good looks and knows how to deliver lines directly to the audience with a knowing wink."

Colin Douglas

Chicago Theatre Review

"In the leading role of Ash, David Sajewich's giant smile and matinee idol looks are a perfect fit."

Jack Gardner

Edge Media Network

"As Ash, David Sajewich charms with everyman bravado"