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Stages St. Louis, MO

Jud Fry

"By having Jud drop his head in shame, by letting us see him struggle to speak tenderly to a girl (Laurey) who loathes him– and by casting him with a handsome young bass – Hamilton urges Sajewich to give us a surprisingly sympathetic Jud. He’s not a villain here; he’s another kid, misunderstood and lonely.  If they wrote “Oklahoma!” today, he’d be the protagonist."

"The role of Jud has always seemed problematic to me in that he is proclaimed the show’s ‘villain’ early on just because, well before any possible explanation is offered. In that complex part, David Sajewich is especially effective depicting the itinerant farmhand’s moodiness as well as poignantly expressing his loneliness in the ballad, Lonely Room."