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Wonderful Life

Theatre at the Center, Munster, IN

George Bailey

"David Sajewich, who plays George Bailey, does an incredible job of making this role uniquely his own. With his dashing good looks and easy smile, Mr. Sajewich’s George is affable and instantly appealing. It’s easy to see why success would come so effortlessly to someone like him, as if he were the star quarterback for his high school’s football team, yet remaining humble even after a major victory. Mr. Sajewich’s voice is rich and melodious during the course of the performance, but it is during the scene in Zuzu’s bedroom during Act II (“Precious Little”) that his acting abilities combine with that magnificent voice to create a powerful stage image. The reprise of “George’s Prayer” which immediately follows is stirring and Mr. Sajewich is visibly shaken as a very desperate and hopeless man."

Jeffrey Leibham

Around the Town Chicago